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  • Ryan O.

You are the Pan

I was watching Hook on TV the other day. I caught the part when Robin William’s character, Peter Banning, became Peter Pan.

This moment of the movie marks when Peter believed in himself. Peter Banning was no more. He became The Pan.

Prior to this moment, Tinkerbell and The Lost Boys were trying to convince Banning who he really was. Banning was in denial; he refused to listen to and trust in his peers.

There are moments in my business when I feel down-and-out. I love being a REALTOR®, but the daily grind of getting a sale can be overbearing. When work is slow, I sometimes question if I’m cut out for this industry. The irony is, like Tinkerbell and The Lost Boys, my friends and family are constantly telling me, “You are a great REALTOR®. Keep going!”

When the going gets tough, just remember…You are the Pan.


Source: © Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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