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Throw The Alert

When a play is called in, the quarterback must know what his progression is.

After breaking the huddle, the quarterback must ask himself, “Who is the primary receiver? Who is the secondary receiver? Where’s my check down if “one” and “two” aren’t open?”

In every play, one receiver is designated as the “alert.” This player is not part of the primary progression. Do you remember Jon Gruden scolding Andrew Luck about wrongfully throwing the alert on on Spider 2 ‘Y’ Banana?

The alert is intended to be a big play throw. The purpose of having it is to catch the defense off guard. In football jargon, it’s called “taking a shot.”

I took a shot by quitting my job to become REALTOR®. I was stuck in a rut and I wanted to experience something brand new. To be honest, I didn’t even know how long I would last in the real estate industry. In a few months, I’ll be completing my third year. Who would have guessed?

My “progression” was to graduate early from college, earn my Master’s in education, and become a teacher and football coach as my lifelong career vocation. Well, I threw the “alert” instead. Since that throw, life has never been more fulfilling.


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