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  • Ryan O.

Farrington: The Heart Of A Community

If you’re driving on the H1, you’ve probably noticed Farrington’s new football field. A handful of years ago, I had the opportunity to coach for the Govs.

I’ll never forget my time at Farrington. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. Being a middle class, private school educated person, coaching at Farrington put me out of my comfort zone. For example:

I came from a family that loved me. Many of my players came from broken homes. My parents dropped me off at school. Many of players walked to school. I never had to worry about food. Many of my players went to school because they received free breakfast and lunch. I went to school because I enjoyed learning new things. Many of my players attended school because they wanted to play football.

And that’s when it hit me…

I suddenly realized that football was more than a game. Football was more than a way of life. Football, at Farrington, brings pride to the community. Farrington High School is the heart of Kalihi.

For many students, Farrington is their home. Their classmates are their family. Their teachers, counselors, and coaches are their mentors.

The creation of Farrington’s new athletic facility should serve as the core to the community. The people, especially the students, deserve this. After years of waiting, Friday Night Lights is finally coming to Kalihi.

Go Govs!


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