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  • Ryan O.

Selling For A Discount

I was recently contacted by my friend, Courtney. Courtney informed me that she was purchasing her first home directly from her landlord. I was ecstatic to hear the great news. Since Courtney was a long-term tenant, Courtney’s landlord decided to sell his condo to her for a discount.

During my conversation with Tim, Courtney’s landlord, Tim told me how grateful he was to have Courtney as his tenant. During Courtney’s 10+ years as Tim’s tenant, Tim boasted how Courtney was the “model renter.” Despite knowing what his investment property was worth, Tim decided to help Courtney out by heavily discounting the sales price.

In my near four years in the industry, this was the first time I encountered something like. With housing prices still on the rise, I was taken aback by Tim’s generous offer. When it comes to business, especially selling an investment property, I believe most people will “go for the money.”

There are compassionate Sellers out there. In my last real estate transaction, my client wasn’t the strongest offer. However, the Sellers wanted to give my Buyer an opportunity to become the next home owner. Over the past few years, I’ve had other Buyers experience the same thing.


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