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  • Ryan O.

You Can't Turn Chicken...

You can't turn chicken shit into chicken soup. When things are bad, it can be bad.

When I privately train quarterbacks, one of the things I teach them is to "be in the moment, but live to play the next down."

If you throw a pick, don't sweat it — you got 40 more throws to go.

If the pass protection breaks down, and you know you are going to get sacked, protect the ball. You can't be a hero on every play.

If your primary receiver isn't open, look for your secondary and outlet options. Just move the chains. You can't hit the grand slam on every play.

The idea is to be realistic. By being realistic, one is able to process things clearer. This removes a lot of emotion from the game. If something unexpected happens, just roll with it.

In terms of real estate, our team just closed on a deal. We were the Listing Agents and the home was located on the Leeward Coast. From the beginning, things started off less than positive.

First, our open house barely drew any prospective Buyers. Second, our private showings were slow.

After meeting as a team, we questioned if we were doing something wrong. In any real estate transaction, emotions are always high; a lot is at stake. After letting things cool off, we looked at the housing statistics. That's when we realized there wasn't a lot demand in this neighborhood.

After a week or two, we finally we got an offer. As things progressed, we had to clear numerous road blocks.

When we hired vendors to make some home repairs, the vendors would have to reschedule. If when the vendors finally went to the house, there was a miscommunication in getting the products delivered to the house. When the vendors finally made the repairs, they noticed other items in the house needed to be fixed too.

As things got down to the wire, the Buyer's mortgage lender dropped the ball. Their paperwork wasn't done and we have to delay our closing...twice.

Rather than placing blame, our time was better spent on providing solutions to the problems we face. As one of our team members put it, "we gotta keep the boat sailing."

Things were bad. There's no way of sugarcoating it. We couldn't change the situation we were in, but we were able to push forward constantly so we could close this deal.


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