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  • Ryan O.


A former Hawaii politician once compared politics to boxing. You're throwing haymakers and you're constantly dodging your opponents punches.

Emotions can be high when you purchase or sell your home. During the transaction, there are moments when it's a slug-fest.

As a Real Estate Advisor, my fiduciary responsibility is to my clients. In other words, I'm always acting in the best interest of my clients.

I recently helped my friend sell his investment property. The Buyer Agent is a top producing Realtor. From the start of the transaction, we both advocated hard for our respective clients. We hammered out each contingency and there were moments when the transaction could have fell apart. However, we both found ways to keep the transaction alive.

Being in escrow reminds me of coaching football. During the week, you work your ass off. You want to dominate your opponent. When it's game time, you lace up your cleats and you play ball—you leave it all on the field.

Since the transaction recorded today, I met up with the Buyer Agent. I shook her hand and thanked her for her professionalism. Since we gave it our all, we developed a mutual respect for each other.

At the end of the day, our clients were the winners. My friend achieved his goal of selling his condo and the Buyers achieved their goal of owning an investment property.


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