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  • Ryan O.

Securing Your Home

I recently was visiting a relative and I noticed three police officers outside the neighbor's house. As I drove by, one of the policeman informed me that the neighbor's garage was broken into. Thankfully, nothing was stolen.

Since this event, many of the homeowners have been on pins-and-needles. Personally, I had some sleepless nights. The thought of the neighbor's home being burglarized gave me a very cold and unsettling feeling.

Here are 7 steps on how you can make your home more secured.

1. Call 911

If you see something suspicious, call 911. Don't assume someone else will call. Make the call yourself.

If you live in a condo, reporting suspicious activity to the resident manager and or security is also a good idea too.

2. Attend Your Neighborhood Board Meetings

Neighborhood Board meetings are great place to learn what is happening in your community. Attending these meetings allows you:

- To speak on topics that are being discussed

- Meet your local elected representative

- To interact with other residents of your community

If your home belongs to a homeowners association, you might be able to attend the homeowner association meetings.

3. Locks

If you're a new homeowner, be sure to rekey the locks to the home.

When I was child, my grandma would tell me stories about how she would never lock her door. Well, times have changed. If you're still using a vinyl screen door, "locked' with a little latch, it might be time to upgrade to a deadbolt system.

4. Get To Know Your Neighbors

Having a good rapport with your neighbors can bring you peace of mind.

In reference to my relative's neighbor: After the police left, I started to inform the other neighbors about what happened. To some extent, the residents that live on my relative's street created their own neighborhood watch group.

5. Lights

There's nothing worse than hearing that bump in the night. Having motion sensor lights, stationed throughout the exterior of your home, can make you feel safer.

6. Safe

If your home does get burglarized, you want your valuable possessions to be stored safely away. If you have really important things, it might be best to store it in a safety deposit box.

7. Insurance

Make sure your homeowners policy is current and up to date. If you're no familiar with your insurance policy, it would be beneficial to contact your insurance agent to see what type of coverage you have.


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