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  • Ryan O.

Securing Your House

Bags packed - check. Went to the bank - check. Printed out your boarding pass - check. Okay, it's time to head to the airport! Wait, hold on for a moment. Lets backtrack. It's important you secure your home before you leave. Here are a few tips and suggestions...


- Social media...If you're posting pictures about your trip, people will know you are away. It's not necessary to broadcast ever minute of your life. Have some self restraint and post your pictures after you get back home.

- Be careful who you tell -- people talk. If someone is going to check on your house, make sure that person is trustworthy. You don't want that person to blatantly tell random people that you and your family are on a trip.

- While you are gone, it's important to make it appear that you are still home. You can do this by using self timed lights, stopping your newspaper and mail service (so it doesn't pile up), and or having someone housesit.

- Secure your personal belongings. It's that simple. It might be best to store valuable items at a secure location, like in a personal deposit box. Also, don't forget to secure your outdoor belongings. Lockup your storage unit (with a good lock!). If you have outdoor chairs and other like kind items, it might be best to store them inside your house. If you don't have room, you could possible chain up these items and lock them together.

- Never leave a spare key outside. You'll be surprised on how many people store an extra key under the doormat...


- You should complete any home repair project before your trip. There's nothing worse than leaving your home and there's a pending maintenance project.

- Take the time to tidy up your yard. A messy yard could give the appearance that you are not home.

- Turnoff your water shutoff valves. You never know when a leak can occur. If you live condo, a leak can flood the neighboring units. What will you do if your unit is flooding the building while you are away? If you belong to a homeowners association, most resident managers will require you to provide an emergency contact. Make sure emergency contact will have access to your home if something were to occur.

- Unplug your electronics; power surges do occur.


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