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  • Ryan O.

Plan Ahead

Before you plan your housewarming party, here are three things you should do prior to your closing…


If you purchased a home that belongs to a homeowner’s association, there probably will be guidelines on when you can move in. In most instances, you will probably have to notify and get permission from the resident manager.

If you are going to move in on the day of your closing, it’s probably best to reach out to the resident manager a few weeks in advance. Planning for a move can take a lot of coordination; take the time to properly prep. If you purchased a unit in a high-rise, you might have to fill out paperwork to reserve the elevator and the homeowner’s association might require a deposit too.


On the day of your closing, you should switch the utilities in your name. To make things seamless, you can actually set-up your accounts prior to you becoming the owner. For example, say you wanted Spectrum television and internet. You can actually call Spectrum and setup an account with your new address. More so, you can tell them when to activate service.


This is a two-part process. Prior to closing, you should notify your bank, credit card company, employer, doctors, etc. that you are moving. Secondly, don’t forget to forward your mail. You can go to the postal office to and get a change address form.


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