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  • Ryan O.

Act Quickly

After you close on your property, here are two important things you should do...


When you sign your escrow documents, your mortgage lender and escrow officer will disclose when your first mortgage payment is due. When this information is disclosed, you should make a note in your calendar.

Most lenders will allow you to pay your mortgage online. After you close on your transaction, you should setup an online account. Make sure you double check all the information you inputted. If you enter the wrong routing and or bank account number, your payment won’t be made on time and you might be charged a late fee. The same applies if you have a maintenance fee payment. Take the time to set up these payment accounts earlier than later.


Before you move in, you should address any repairs that need to be made. Before your closing, you should review your home inspection report one last time. For example, say the home inspector found a faulty circuit breaker. As you prep for closing, you should already schedule an appointment with a licensed electrician to make this repair. It’s important you plan ahead so you don't get bombarded with a bunch of miscellaneous tasks on your closing day.


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