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The Connection Section: Realtor Roda & Luck Of The Irish

Thank you, Shane Irish, for inviting me to your real estate/mortgage vlog! Shane is a mortgage lender at HomeStreet Bank; we've worked on many transactions with each other. When I purchased my home, Shane was my mortgage lender.

Shane is a person you can trust. When you get prequalified, you'll have to turn over some sensitive financial documents to the lender. This makes some buyers uneasy, however, Shane is confidential and discreet. One of our clients recently told me, "I feel very comfortable talking with Shane."

Secondly, Shane is detailed orientated. I've had multiple escrows with Shane at the same time and we've never had any difficulties in closing on time. Since Shane is always on top of things, we've been able to close deals in less than 45 days.

Third, Shane has the knowledge and experience to ensure your loan will be processed.

If you're looking to get prequalified, you can contact Shane at:

Shane Irish

HomeStreet Bank

NMLS 1160004 Direct: 808-447-1415 Email:


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