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  • Ryan O.

Up In Smoke

One of the scariest things a homeowner fears is their home burning down. Unfortunately, there was another condo fire in Honolulu. Dealing with fires can be an uncomfortable thing to talk about. However, fires do occur and it’s important you are properly prepared.

Buy Condos With Fire Sprinklers

When you are looking at high-rise condos, you should tell your Realtor that fire sprinklers are a must-have. I’ve shown a lot of properties to first time homebuyers. Many condos in the first time homebuyer price range are older; they don’t have fire sprinklers. Although this could reduce the properties you want to look at, having fire sprinklers in the unit and or in the common areas can give you great peace of mind.

Be Properly Insured

When you purchase a home, your mortgage lender will assist you in getting a homeowner’s insurance quote. At this time, it’s important you speak with your insurance agent to see if you are properly insured. Getting the cheapest insurance policy doesn’t mean it’s the best policy. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and you should get multiple quotes.

Fire Escape Plan

Do you remember doing this as a kid? When you move into your home, it’s important you create a fire escape plan.


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