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  • Ryan O.

Here Are 3 Home Hazards You Might Not Know About

My clients recently conducted their home inspection on a single-family detached home. As the home inspector walked us through the house, he highlighted a handful of things. Here are three home hazards you might not know about:

Termite Damage

The home my clients are purchasing is in great condition. However, when the inspector went into the crawl space, he noticed one of the sill boards had termite damage. This was a concern since the damage sill board could cause structural problems.

Clogged Eavestroughs and Gutters

Hawaii is a tropical environment. Some areas like Manoa, Kaneohe, and Nuuanu, rain more than other areas. It’s important to constantly clear out your eavestroughs and gutters. Not having proper drainage on the property could cause water damage to the home.

Drain Piping

Some home inspectors will offer services to scope the plumbing cleanout. Luckily, the cleanout was easily accessible for the home my clients are purchasing. When the home inspector sent the scope down, we were able to see the condition of the piping. For older homes, it’s not uncommon to see cast iron piping. Over time, cast iron piping will have to be changed out.


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