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  • Ryan O.

3 Plumbing Repairs You Should Consider

Are you looking to remodel your home? Here are three plumbing projects you should consider to do...

Main Water Shutoff Valve

If you live in a detached single family home, your main water shutoff valve is usually located in the front of the property. If you live in a condo, your main water shutoff valve is usually located by the water heater. During your home inspection, you should ask the inspector to see the main water shutoff valve.

Most times, an inspector won't turn the valve because it the valve probably hasn't been used. When you become an owner, you should hire a licensed plumber to change the valve. Make sure you ask the plumber on how you can routinely maintain the valve during your ownership.

Water Heater

According to Lowes, the lifespan of a water heater is around 12 years. This is something that most homeowners neglect. When it comes to water, it's best to replace items before they break. If you live in a condo, there's a high probability that your water heater is in your unit. If so, you don't want the water heater to leak because it could flood your unit.

Angle Stop Valve and Supply Lines

If you are going to change the main shutoff valve, you should change the angle stop valves and the supply lines within your home. When I attend home inspections, it's not uncommon for the home inspector to recommend to turn the valve on and off so they don't "lock."


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