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  • Ryan O.


I recently repainted my home. I decided to use Benjamin Moore premium eggshell paint and primer. Here are three things that I learned...

Clean and Crisp

If you go on Google, you'll probably find more articles about painting your interior walls a different color. Being a novice in home maintenance, I didn't want to be overwhelmed by looking at hundreds of other colors. Although eggshell is not a sexy color, it does give our rooms a clean and crisp look. On wood surfaces, I've noticed the paint looks vibrant. Since eggshell is a neutral color, it allows me to use other colors with my furniture and other accessories (counter top, back and side splash, fixtures, accent walls, etc).


Buying quality products is important. This starts with the paint and your tools. A person who works in the home maintenance industry told me that Benjamin Moore is preferred by many professionals. I'm sure there are other brands, but I've been very impressed with Benjamin Moore's quality so far.

Secondly, it's equally important to use the proper tools. When I first started, I used the wrong type of paint roller cover for a wood surface. I had to let the paint dry, re-sand it, then repaint it with the proper roller cover.


Interior painting is not an overly difficult home maintenance task. The paint I used cost approximately $35/gallon. The roller and roller covers, brush, and painter's tape is relatively inexpensive. A friend gave me extra paint trays and he let me borrow his drop cloth. This is something that won't break the bank.



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