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  • Ryan O.

How Fatherhood Completely Changed What I Wanted In A Home

Shortly after getting married, my wife and I decided to purchase our first home. Since we were planning to start a family, we decided to create our "must have" list. As we were writing down what was important to us, we both noticed our needs and wants changed.

Over the past few years, Kaka'ako has been getting a lot of attention. The once industrial area is now the home to many luxury condos. After we got prequalified, we decided to checkout a bunch of condos. Midway through our home search, we realized we were getting away from our must have list.

Location is important to us. Kaka'ako is one of Oahu's newest neighborhoods and it is filled with many new restaurants. However, rather than living close to the nightlife, we felt it was best to live closer to my wife's work, my parents' house, and Kapiolani Hospital.

Now that we are parents, we are very happy with our home purchase. My wife drove in traffic her entire life and she did not want to spend countless hours in the car. She can be at work within minutes and it gives her peace of mind that she can spend more time with our son.

If you are a new parent, having help from grandparents is important. My parents live a hop-skip away and having them over has made the transition to parenthood a lot easier. When we were focused on caring for our son, it was nice when they helped us with chores and even cooked us dinner.

Lastly, we knew were were going to deliver at Kapiolani Hospital. It was very important for us to be close by. As you can imagine, there have been numerous doctors appointments for our newborn son. Being a few minutes away has paid divendeds. When our son is fussy, we can be home in a jiffy. Phew...



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