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  • Ryan O.

Land Use Ordinance Amendment

The Honolulu Department of Permitting and Planning has updated a draft bill. Here is one major a takeaway:

180 Days Rentals

The bill proposes that any rental under 180 days will be considered a short term rental. Many will agree that we need to keep long term rentals at 30 days or more.

COVID-19 has changed our workplace environment. Many employers have allowed their employees to work remotely. Since the start of the pandemic, I have help many out of state clients find legal, 30 day rentals.

I understand that tourism is Oahu's main economic generator. However, there are tourist who might not want to stay 30 days in a hotel (especially during a pandemic).

Also, 30 day rentals have been beneficial to:

- Contract workers who are coming to Oahu. This can include, but not limited to, medical personnel, film and TV crews, etc.

- People who have sold their home and are looking to purchase their new home.

- Military.



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