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  • Ryan O.

May Updates


COVID-19 still poses a threat a society. Despite the overwhelming news we constantly see on TV and social media, there appears to be light at the end of tunnel.

As a new father, my family and friends jokingly ask me if I have been getting any sleep. What keeps me wake is the anxiety that COVID-19 presents. I'm deeply concerned about the safety and wellbeing of my family and friends, especially those who are first responders.

I would not wish a pandemic on anyone. However, COVID-19 has allowed me to spend some much needed quality time with my loves ones. From a work aspect, COVID-19 has allowed me to view real estate from a different lens.

Due to the stay at home order, I feel people will further realize how their home is their castle. This starts with homeownership. Nothing against renting, but when you own your own home, there a sense of having more freedom and stability. Next, it's the feeling of being secured within our own walls. For many, your home is your safe place. Lastly, I can see people still working from home even after the pandemic ends. As a person who recently "nested," remodeling my condo last year was a great decision because it allowed me to re-imagine spaces in my home differently. For those who live in detached, single-family homes, I would not be surprised if man-caves, she-sheds, home offices, outdoor spaces, panic rooms, etc. make a comeback.


Royal Palm is one of my favorite condos. I was able to help my friend and her boyfriend with their first home purchase. The majority of the 2-bed units only come with one parking, but we were fortunate to find a two parking unit.

There was a time when units at Royal Palm would enter escrow within days of being listed. At the time my clients were checking out properties, the market was slowing down. This unit sat for a while and the seller reduced the price a few times. My clients were able to buy it at a bargain price; the unit was well maintained too.

Rates are in mid to low 3% range. Inventory seems to be lower than normal too. If you're interested in buying, it's important you analyze your employment situation. Let's talk if you have any questions or concerns.



I have an upcoming 2/2/2 listing at Newtown Meadows. I've been working with my client for the past few weeks. Although real estate was on pause during the month of April, we've used the time to prep for our list date. The unit is vacant and should be easy to show. If you're interested in selling, now is the time to prep.

Together We Are One

I am proud of my alma mater. My wife and I are supporters of the KA'I Program. Headed by Allison Blankenship, the KA'I Program provided meals to residents in Palolo in April.

A few other heroes are Wrenn Okada, Eric Muraoka, Kimi Ide-Foster, Cat Taschner, Megan Chock, Taylor Chock, and Jack Kuo. Wrenn and his family have provided thousands of cloth masks for healthcare workers. Eric is a dentist and he 3-D printed face shields. Kimi and Cat are a directors with Help Is On The Way. Kimi and her peers have been delivering items to our kupuna. Sisters, Megan and Taylor, as well as Jack Kuo, teamed up with Iolani School to make thousands of fabricated face masks.

Although not affiliated with Iolani School, my friend, Rylen Yamamoto, is one of the founders of Show Aloha Challenge. SAC has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars so Hawaii Meals on Wheels can feed our kupuna.

If you're interested in supporting any of these organizations, please let me know. I know there are numerous One Teamers making a difference. I apologize if I missed you.


The rebound of our economy can look like a "V" or a "U." In barely over a month, tens of millions of Americans lost their job. If COVID-19 can be fixed now, our economy could revamp as quick as it went down -- the "V." If COVID-19 still drags out, the economy could take years to recover; this is the "U" curve.

Stay safe and healthy.



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