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  • Ryan O.

Monster Homes

A property near my relative's Kaimuki home sold the other year. The unit sat vacant until construction started recently. As usual, neighbors were curious on what was going to be built. People are starting to get concerned due to the proliferation of monster homes across Oahu.

According to the department of planning and permitting (DPP) website, the dwelling is going to be three stories with an additional Ohana unit. The permits state that there is 4,947 square feet of new floor area for a total floor area of 6,069 square feet. In addition, the lot size is 7,108 square feet (.163 acres). Although the bedroom and bathroom count is not available, people within the construction industry have mentioned that this could be a monster home.

Even though monster homes have been a hot topic the past few years, monster homes actually have been around for decades. If you drive through older communities like Pahoa, you'll see small lots with multiple cottages on it. Although that's probably not allowed in today's zoning codes, maxing out a parcel of land was done for multi-generational living. Another example could be Cottage Walk. Cottage Walk is off of South School Street in Honolulu. It's literally a walking path that leads to multiple cottages. I bet you've driven by countless times and never have noticed this street. Google it.

Oahu does have a housing crisis. In addition, it seem like people are in favor of multi-generational living. However, I think residents are concerned because monster home developers are building apartment-like structures in areas zoned for single-family homes. Another concern is a monster home owner could be renting out rooms for short term rentals.

If you're concerned about a potential monster home, you can:

1. Contact your city councilmember.

2. Report it to the DPP.

3. Get in contact with your local neighborhood board.



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