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  • Ryan O.

Why Full Service Matters

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

I love everything about real estate. Helping family and friends, meeting new people, contract negotiations, and everything else in between. However, real estate sales can be a dog-eat-dog business.

There are thousand of agents statewide. If you go through your contact list, I bet you know a few agents. Working at Forward Realty taught me the importance of being full service Realtor.

At Forward Realty, our mantra is "SMART." This stands for:

S: Starts with Aloha

M: Must be present to win

A: Always be learning

R: Replace the lightbulb

T: Truth be told

As a real estate broker, I view my job as customer service centric. A large part of the full service model heavily relies on "R" (replace the lightbulb).

Replacing the lightbulb means taking pride in your work. This means doing the nitty gritty things like actually replacing a lightbulb. Focusing on seemingness insignificant details is a key step to selling a home. I learned this from my coworker, Greg Andrasick. Greg and I closed a trust sale transaction earlier this year. We were working with the trust attorney and trustee for a year before we actually listed the property!

Unfortunately, the owner of the property passed away and the trustee needed help in prepping the home for sale. We spent countless weekends decluttering the home. We oftened made multiple runs to the dump and to Good Will, and Salvation Army. In addition, we also assisted the trustee with their tangible personal property distribution.

We like getting in the trenches. Another aspect of our full service model is to make the home show worthy; we take pride in this. This includes general maintenance work, getting the home cleaned, staging, and professional photography. Many times, we'll do the work ourselves. However, when it comes to photography, we always hire a vendor.

Photography is extremely important, especially during our COVID-19 pandemic. Buyers purchase with their eyes. The first time a buyer sees our listing is when his or her Realtor sends it to them via the MLS. The second showing is when the Buyer drives by the property,and the third showing is when the buyer steps into the unit. We would do a disservice to our clients if we did not provide professional photography.

Here's a picture from our beachfront Waikiki condo listing

Oh yeah, despite the services we provide, we don't charge 6% commission. We are full service at a reasonable price :-)



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